2023 will be our last year of summer tours.

Before we go on, this isn’t the end of Plymouth Comedy Tours. The band isn’t breaking up – we’re just going to play a different song. From the end of the 2023 season, we will only be running private tours (groups of 15+) and Christmas tours (starting again in 2024). There is also an ongoing discussion about doing a PCT Live theatre show (make sure you are on our mailing list so you can hear about it).

The Decision

We are stopping the summer tours, simply because of what business-people would call a ‘human resource capacity hurdle’*. Basically, life has become too busy and something had to give. Christian has a baby, David has started regularly touring the world performing on cruise ships (a dream he has had for many years) and Suzy B, is working on a solo comedy tour (even if she doesn’t know it yet**).

As we said at the top, this isn’t the end (the tours are quite simply too much fun to do, to completely stop), but we need to find that work/ life balance that people are always banging on about. 

Thank You

Plymouth Comedy Tours started as an idea the three of us would band about during socially distanced walks. After 3 seasons and plenty of up and downs (Plymouth is very hilly), it is still something we are all enormously proud of. Since we started in 2021, we’ve had over 1000 guests , 175 five-star reviews, sold over 200 Kebab Shop calendars*** and been sworn at by drunks approximately 7 times. The people who have come on the tours have been some of the friendliest, funniest people we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with. You are all fantastic and we are incredibly grateful for your support. 

We’ve been lucky enough to receive lots of kind words about the tours across the years, but the comments that have surprised us the most are those that say the tours are ‘good for the city’. The three of us are all huge champions of Plymouth and it makes us so chuffed to think that we have contributed to its growth. 

We do hope you will join us on a Private or Christmas tour soon.  

Thanks so much! We look forward to seeing you soon.


Suzy, David and Christian

* We say that.
** Some massive news coming soon. 
*** We have discussed some ideas for a follow up. Barber Shops of Mutley Plain 2025 anyone?